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Welcome To The Mermaid Pod!

Today was a proud day, and one that I had planned for and dedicated tons of hard work to for a long time!

Today, the Singapore Mermaid School officially opened its doors and welcomed our first Bronze intake of ladies. The girls got to meet their classmates and fellow mermaids-to-be, and were taught about my vision to create Singapore's very first mermaid pod. Welcome to the mermaid pod, girls!

The girls were taken through the top secret Mermaid Sisterhood Pledge, after which I announced that they were now fully fledged new members of Singapore's Mermaid Pod and Mermaid School. Cue much applause and many twinkling eyes.

After a short lesson on the history, vision, and values of the Singapore Mermaid School, the girls received their very own mermaid tails. In the words of one aspiring mermaid: "This feels even better than Christmas!"

The girls did wonderfully on their first lesson, and I will update this space soon with pictures of my gorgeous new mermaids. Stay tuned!

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