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Syrena's Video Gallery

Here are some videos accumulated from the very beginning of Syrena's journey, to where she is now. 

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"Syrena's Magickal Swim:

A Dream Come True" 

Syrena's very first swim in her

Finfolk Productions tail!

A Mermaid At Play"

Syrena swimming gracefully on

a beautiful, sunny day.

"A Glimpse 
Into Syrena's World" 

A behind-the-scenes peek.

"Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid: 

Sunlit Waters"

Syrena enchants in a glass-walled pool.

"Syrena Says Hello 

From A Glass Pool"

Syrena waves hello to humans from One Deg 15's glass pool.

"Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid

Halcyon Days" 


You Can Become A Mermaid 

At Singapore's First Mermaid School!

Sara's Mermaid Birthday Party

with Syrena the Mermaid!

Syrena Sings

"The Lady Is A Tramp" 

at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Alexis' Mermaid Party

@ SICC with Syrena the Mermaid

Liana's Mermaid Birthday Party

with Singapore's First Mermaid

Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid

sings "Part Of Your World" acapella

Little Alexis' Mermaid Birthday Party

with Singapore's First Mermaid

Syrena's Original Composition: 

"The Wild Winds Of Faerie"

Mermaids In The Summer

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