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Mermaid School Testimonials

"Dear Syrena,

Thank you for being brave enough to step up and teach your craft to others. Thank you for sharing all the details that are close to your heart, and for creating a "safe environment" where we can just be ourselves and have fun together.

Thank you for the stories in the theory part, I really enjoyed those (I'm a HUGE sucker for stories)! Thank you for all your effort in pulling this class off as seamlessly as possible, sometimes I forget you're our age because I feel that you're really professional. Thank you for always clearing up after us. Thank you for all the photo shoots and photos, they are now part of happy memories  I'm insufficiently eloquent to express the extent of my appreciation towards you! BEST EXERCISE CLASS EVER!

During the first lesson, you said something that really struck a chord in me. That girls tend to get very bitchy in groups, and you didn't want that. You wanted us to be free of bitterness, jealousy and all the negative emotions. I really loved the lessons because of this positive atmosphere you have created. Every week, no matter how dreary the week has been, looking forward to the class always perked me up. Thank you for lighting up my life. Please continue to inspire and help people remember that magic still exists in this world!  see you real soon!"

- Lena T, Pioneer Bronze Mermaid Intake 


"It has been such a mer-mazing experience! Like a dream come true, that I finally got to relive a childhood fantasy, together with all the other lovely mer-sisters. Mermaid Syrena has also been really accommodating and patient with us. 

Through out the mermaid school journey, we were taught about the core values which are strength, beauty, and love. We have also learnt to see the beauty in ourselves and each other! Learning to love yourself and others, simply because everyone is unique in their very own way!

I really enjoyed our time together and I will miss us having fin fun time at the magical lagoon!

Mahalo mermaids! Till the next time!"

- Angie C, Pioneer Bronze Mermaid Intake 


"Upon hearing that Singapore's first mermaid, Syrena, will be starting her mermaid school, the first in Singapore, I was beyond exhilarated! It's my chance to unleash my inner Ariel and fulfill my childhood dreams of being able to grace the waters with a tail! Coming into class, i thought i was just going to learn how to swim with a fin, but Syrena has also immersed us into the captivating history and culture of the mermaid world.
Syrena was very passionate in the way she taught us, from mermaid mythology and to the mermaid kicks in the pool. She was professional and caring, she understood everyone's limits and strenghts and made sure we were comfortable in our own fins!  
Having this unique common interest and love of Mermaiding brought our mermaid pod together, but what bonded and made this into a sisterhood was the fun we had, and small challenges we faced together. We know we can open up to each other, be our true quirky selves and see each others inner beauty. I am very honoured to be the pioneer batch under Syrena's wings (or fins)!
Syrena has definitely made our dreams come true!"

- Justyn S, Pioneer Bronze Mermaid Intake 


"My dream came true at the Singapore Mermaid School! I'm so glad to make new friends here. Besides learning how to swim with our tails, we've also learnt many interesting facts about mermaids. Mermaid Syrena is an awesome teacher, always being patient and encouraging to us.
Would highly recommend everyone to join!"

- May, Pioneer Bronze Mermaid Intake 


"I've had a blast swimming as a pod with the school. I know my dreams came true.
Mermaid Syrena was very passionate and enthusiastic. She carried her duty with pride and professionalism.
I'm the only mermaid who wore a long-sleeved swim top there, but she made sure to include me in every activity, even providing me with a mer-top over my suit for our photoshoot. She is sweet and understanding and she tried to help in every way she can.
I hope the mermaid school will prosper. It's fun and healthy. You build up your upper body muscle and it's a great workout for the core.
Mermaiding is the new swimming. Hurray for Mermaid School!"

- Su N, Pioneer Bronze Mermaid Intake

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