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Mermaid School: Updates and Happenings!

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Welcome to Singapore's First Mermaid Pod!

July 2015


At the beginning of July 2015, we welcomed our first Bronze Intake of ladies into the Singapore Mermaid School! 

Our girls were taught the importance of sisterhood and friendship, and were sworn into Singapore's First Mermaid Pod with the top secret Mermaid Sisterhood Oath. 

After the requisite swimming assessment and some stretching, the newly fledged mermaids dove into our beautiful, lagoon-like pool by the light of the evening moon for a first lesson filled with fun, friendship, and laughter. 

Welcome to the pod, girls!

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Updates On Our 2nd Bronze Intake (Kids & Adults)

July 2015


Registration for the new Bronze Intake (August) is now OPEN! Registration closes 30 July.

We will only have limited spaces available, so if you're thinking of signing up, or signing your child up with the Singapore Mermaid School, please email to get your name on our list, and to receive information about our mermaid tails available!

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1st Bronze Intake - Halfway Through!

July 2015


Our pioneer batch of Bronze mer-ladies are halfway through their course, and everyone's having a blast! Today, we made waves and had a whale of a time with mermaid games, and our usual mermaid theory session. Today's mermaid theory session was about looking into the mirror and seeing yourself for the beautiful being that you absolutely are, instead of letting other people define you. Let your inner mermaid beauty glow!

Graduation of Pioneer Bronze Mermaids 

July 2015


The pioneer batch of Bronze mermaids at the Singapore Mermaid School have officially graduated! What a time of love, laughter, friendship, and sharing. Hopefully we'll see more of these lovely ladies come our Silver Level in September! 

Welcome to our 2nd batch of Bronze Mermaids!

Aug 2015


The Singapore Mermaid School is thrilled to welcome a new intake of Bronze mermaids! These ladies have been putting in some real effort growing into their fins, and we can't wait to share more of their adventures with you.

The Singapore Mermaid School Films with Channel 8 

July 2015


The Singapore Mermaid School filmed a very special feature episode with Channel 8, Mediacorp Singapore! Look out for our documentary, airing December 2015. 

The Singapore Mermaid School Films with CNN

Sept 2015


The Singapore Mermaid School was honoured to film a little feature with none other than CNN. 

To date, this article has been reposted on numerous other media outlets, such as Asia News and The Star ... thank you! 

Read the article here

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